Artography Studio

Kids Certificate | 5-7

Artography Studio offers specialized courses covering all genres of Painting from basic to advanced level of learning, where observing and drawing is a subject instilled with our aspiring artists.

A bunch of traditional art including some clay modeling, calligraphy etc.

Artography Studio

Kids Certificate | 8-10

Artography Studio offers specialised courses covering all genres of photography from basic level to advanced  level of learning, where observing and capturing a subject polish your experience  under the guidance of our aspiring photographers. 


Kids Certificate | 11-13

We have prepared one year program Digital Art and Design course which is specifically designed for people seeking career in the field of character designing entertainment & designing industry.

Our courses cover a broad range of topics from basic fundamental understanding to advanced design technique.

Artography Studio

Kid Professional | 1st Year

kids are future of this planet we have special courses for them according to their age groups so that their brain and creativity grow positively.

Artography Studio

Kid Professional | 2nd Year

We have some special classes on summers for pencil shading, Charcoal Portrait, Acrylic colours, Oil Painting etc.


Artography Studio


Free Classes

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