Bored during the Covid-19 lock down and looking to indulge in some artistic activities in the pandemic?
Why not invest your quarantine time by learning and developing new art skills ???Well, Artography Studio the leading fine art institute of Delhi is taking an initiative to open your pandemic barriers with a gateway of online art certificate courses.With us,you can master new art skills while at home; all it takes is some time and dedication.
Our studio’s professionals are taking specialized online classes, providing live sessions.
In these classes, trainers

  • Initially, introduce the innovative approaches to comprehensive procedures and techniques which will help learners with a deep understanding of art fundamentals.
  • Secondly, encouraging to work independently to develop individual practice. There will be interactive guidance from the teachers that will help in resolving the problems that you meet in various stages of learning art mediums till the finished work.
  • Third, demonstrate your ability through self initiated work. Well designed Practice and review sessions that will enable you to get exact feedback of the skills you need to improve your ability while learning the mediums. So, find and pick your preference from the available

Whether you are interested in sketching, watercolor , charcoal medium, or more you will learn from fine art experts. Our step by step approach allows you to see each stage of development that you need to work through in order to achieve an image of satisfying quality. Artography Studio’s team is working their best to keep the artistic creativity and curiosity among our community even in this quarantine.Unleash your inner artist and find the right art courses for you…Talk to our counselor for a guidance if needed. 

Artography Studio



  • About Fine Art
  • Free Hand Sketching
  • Face & Body Proportion
  • Stick & Block Drawing
  • Line of Action
  • Life Drawing
  • Free Hand Drawing Technique
  • Negative & Positive Designs
  • Textures
  • Still Life
  • Perspective 1 & 2 & 3
  • Vanishing Points
  • Eye Level
  • Importance of Basic Shape
  • Logic of Reflection
  • Light And Shade
  • Composition/Illustration
  • Landscape
  • Elements of Paintings
  • Live Portrait
  • Color Sense/Theory
  • Story Boarding
  • Drapery and Fold Study
  • Replica/Reproduction
  • Modern and Creative Art


  • Pencil Shading
  • Charcoal
  • Pen & Ink
  • Hatching
  • White On Black
  • Colour Pencils
  • Smoke Painting
  • Water Colour
  • Oil Colours
  • Acrylic Colours
  • Knife/Spatula Work
  • Marbling
  • Mix Media


  • Photography
  • Digital Art
  • 3D And Animation


  • Shilpkar
  • Glass Painting
  • Paper Mache
  • Decoupage
  • Mirror Work
  • Decorative Arts Like Pot Design etc


Enhancing Drawing skills in 1 month short term certificate courses.
Artography Studio


Total Sessions  15 (30 Days) Learn basic human proportions, understanding of vanishing points, techniques of drawing free hand and many more. You can learn how to draw from beginning.  Material required:

  • Graphite Pencil HB or any drawing pencil
  • Sketchbook
Artography Studio

Perspective Study

Total Sessions 15 (30 Days) Learn a technique for buildings, room, 3d objects using 1,2, and 3 Point Perspective Effectively. Understand view points eye level etc.

Material required:

  • Graphite Pencil HB or any drawing pencil
  • Sketchbook
Artography Studio

Still Life

Total Sessions  15 (30 Days) While drawing from live we will teach you an easy way to find geometric shapes in any complex form,  understanding how perspective works, how to measure shapes and objects properly, you’ll be able to draw what you see with shading techniques of realistic lighting.

Material required:

  • Graphite Pencil 2B, 6B& 8B
  • Cartridge sheet/sketchbook


sharp your observation skills of toning and coloring in our 1 month short term certificate course.

Water color

Total Sessions  10 (20 Days) Learn everyday different techniques to paint right from brush strokes. Learn how to paint a Landscapes, cityscape, objects etc. 

Material required:

  • Sketch book, Cartridge sheet, Water Colour Sheet
  • Artist Water Colour set Round & Flat Brushes no. 01,02,04,06,08,12
Artography Studio

Pencil Shading

Total Sessions 10 (20 Days) We are going to learn a good understanding of light and shadows which are important for turning any flat line drawing into realistic Picture

Material required:

  • Sketch book or Cartridge sheet
  • 6B or 8B graphite pencil

Charcoal Painting

Total Sessions 10 (20 Days) Learn different techniques of using charcoal and  this portrait session guide you through a step by step tutorial approach to draw a portrait with charcoal.   Material required:

  • Charcoal Stick/Charcoal pencil
  • Cotton/earbuds , eraser
  • Cartridge sheet/sketchbook
Artography Studio


Total Sessions 10 (20 Days) Landscape painting, drawing and sketches depict the beauty of our natural world. Discover ideas for how to paint landscape with different techniques.  Material required:

  • consult with our expert
Artography Studio


Total Sessions 10 (20 Days) Learn to draw facial features from experts using easy techniques.  Material required:

  • consult with our expert
Artography Studio

Acrylic color

Total Sessions 10 (20 Days) Satisfying and relaxing demonstration of beach water abstract painting on canvas using acrylic paints and pallet knife.

Material required:

  • Artist acrylic colors set
  • Any pencil
  • Flat Brushes (01,02,04,06,08,12)
  • Color Palette
  • Canvas or drawing paper 300gsm
Artography Studio

Oil Painting

Total Sessions 10 (20 Days) 

Every painting allows the artist to create one’s own story… All you need is expert instructions, guidance, practice and a vision to deliver it.

Enroll with Artography Studio to learn the rich art and technique of oil paints.


  • Artist / Student Oil Colors (12 Shades)
  • Round Brush set and Flat Brush Set
  • Cloth to clean brushes
  • Wooden Color palette
  • Distilled turpentine and linseed oil
  • Raw turpentine
Artography Studio

Water Color Advance

Total Sessions  5 to 7 (20 Days) 

Water colour, an art medium with many creative possibilities. Learn the next level techniques in creating variety of textures in easy way to understand by Fine Experts.

Material required:

  • Sketch book, Cartridge sheet, Water Colour Sheet
  • Artist Water Colour set Round & Flat Brushes no. 01,02,04,06,08,12

For online courses you use live session mostly so that everybody can interact with us during the session or after the session.

Online Professional Diploma Course One Year-20


Learn the LIVE skills of pencil shading by expert trainers
Artography Studio


LIVE interactive Sessions
with experienced trainers
Artography Studio

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