Artography Studio

Professional Diploma

 Artography Studio offers specialized course covering all genres of Painting from basic to advanced learning, where observing and drawing a subject is instilled into the aspiring artist. 

Semi-Professional Diploma

This course is specially designed for school going art lovers or any one who does not have too much of spending time.

This course is covers all the fundamentals of Visual Arts in 1 year and advanced in 2nd year.

Artography Studio

Hobby Certificate Course

Less time! do not worry You can polish your hobby interest with us 6 months, 3 months or 1 month we have all types of courses which suits you according to your time.

Artography Studio

Summer camp

We have some special classes on summers for pencil shading, Charcoal Portrait, Acrylic colours, Oil Painting etc.

15 Days Course

This is our shortest duration course 

In this course you can enroll yourself on hour basis and can learn any single topic* in 15 days.



Artography Studio


Fine Art Courses

  • Courses Choose
  • Professional Diploma
  • Semi-Professional Diploma
  • Hobby Certificate Course
  • Certificate Course (Kids 5+)
  • Timing Choose
  • Monday to Friday | 09 AM - 05PM
  • Monday to Friday | 01:30 PM - 05:30PM
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday | 03 PM - 05:30PM
  • Tuesday & Thursday | 02:30 PM - 05:30PM
  • Sunday | 01 PM - 06 PM
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